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Since 1993 Glass Tech Hawaii has provided window cleaning services to the Big Island of Hawaii - serving the regions of Kona, Kohala, Waimea, Hamakua and Hilo. We provide premium service and outstanding results to a variety of properties that range from commercial resorts and world class homes to single family residences.

Our longtime involvement with the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA), the Glass Association of North America (GANA) and the Glass Restoration Service Network (GRSN) exposes us to the most advanced technical and safety information and training available regarding the restoration and cleaning of glass and adjacent surfaces.

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We carry commercial insurance for your protection and peace of mind. Certificates for commercial liability insurance and workers compensation are available upon request.

Paul West, owner/operator, applies 25 years of experience in the window cleaning industry to the daily operations of Glass Tech. He served as President of the IWCA in 2008-2009 and holds an unmatched four first place awards in the International Medley Window Cleaning Contest. He has been married to his wife Kelly for over 20 years and they have three children - Mallory, Maeve and Max.

Paul West, Kelly, Mallory, Maeve and Max


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Window cleaning services

At Glass Tech Window Cleaning our meticulous approach to your windows help ensure customer loyalty.

We use only environmentally friendly detergents and pure water technology. Our personnel use only the finest professional grade tools and methods on every job to ensure quality results.

Glass Tech Window Cleaning specializes in commercial and residential properties. We thank our customers for their trust in our service and their appreciation of the quality and value delivered on every job.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Glass Tech Window Cleaning offers scheduled maintenance programs to ensure your "sparkling view". After a consultation, a custom tailored maintenance plan will be implemented for your building or home.

Track cleaning

Unlike many competitors, we include track cleaning with every interior/exterior service.

Screen cleaning

We also offer a revolutionary Deep Screen Cleaning method that delivers unbelievable results. Ask for details.

Complete List of Glass Tech Services

  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Residential Window Cleaning
  • Pure Water Window Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • "Expert" Hard Water Removal
  • Scratched Glass Consulting
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Frequent Maintenance Programs
solar panel before and after
Solar panel cleaning
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that solar panels lose up to 25% of their energy output due to the accumulation of leaves, dirt, dust, pollen, moss, sap, bird droppings, and water spots. Cleaning your solar panels regularly pays for itself in the return you'll see on your energy output by maintaining the rated capacity of your system. Glass Tech is a local Big Island based company offering solar panel washing. We clean all brands of photovoltaic systems and solar hot water panels - residential and commercial, large and small. Our solar panel cleaning system is completely safe for people and our environment - it's just pure water acting as a solvent with no soaps or harmful chemicals. The water we use goes through a five stage filtration system so it won't leave water spots, and it's pH is neutral so it won't corrode aluminum frames. It is 99.99% pure water that has been deionized and demineralized through reverse osmosis - so it attracts impurities and washes all dirt and debris away naturally.
hard water stains
Glass restoration - hard water stain removal

Hard water stains in Hawaii are those unsightly clouds of water spots on glass left behind by both misaligned sprinklers and on glass shower doors - both very common problems. To understand why normal window cleaning techniques will not remove these stains please refer to a technical bulletin "The Systematic Cleaning & Restoration of Architectural Glass".

Glass Tech will remove the stains by either a chemical process and cleaning, or for more severe water deposits, by using the same polishing process we use to remove scratches from glass. You will have crystal clear glass again.


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